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Bundle Yoga Series

Yoga series focusing on different areas of the body while still bringing full bodymovements to the practice. Each class will begin and end with a brief mediation period where we will give our minds a chance to settle and our bodies a moment to relax.

Whether you have done yoga before or not, these classes were designed for all experience levels. Options will be given throughout the practice to meet you where you are today. If any pose or movement feels uncomfortable back out of it a little, skip it all together, or find a place where you find comfort. It is okay to find that “edge”, but we never want you in pain. This is your practice, I’m just here to guide you.

A mat or non-slip area as well as a block will be used during this practice.

No music has been added so that you may choose the sounds that best fit your practice and be played along with the video.

USD $60.00